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Book Technical Center

Innovation and expertise are at the core of the work Book Technical Center (BTC) carries out for our clients.

From creative design, new material development and application, to process engineering and solution improvement, BTC is committed to continuous innovation and implementation of creative ideas.

  • Material Development
  • Technology Solution
  • New Product Development
  • Sample Making
  • Process
  • Engineering

RRD Ink Lab

Ink Lab was established in 2020 and located in RRD Humen Book Manufacturing Center. Equipped with powerful Spot Ink Data Management System and professional engineering team, Ink Lab is able to create spot ink formulations and provide ink drawdown, produce spot inks and do research for other special functional inks.

INcube, brand of Ink Lab, make it the best ink option for industrial clients and provide R&D concept.

  • Higher consistency of color
  • Quicker response to spot color request
  • More customized colors
  • A comprehensive ink solution
Finishing & Decoration
Make your books eye-catching and stand out from the crowd.
New Materials

To be functional, to be greener, and to be diversified. 

New Technologies
Create interactive products and captivating reading experience.
Ink Solution
Formulate ink of all different colors, effects, functions, and on-demand.
Digital Empowerment
Systematic or Customized digital platform enables connection with your clients.
Paper Engineering

Advanced paper engineering combined with amazing artwork.

As of January 2021, RRD Asia have 164 valid patents. At the same time, we still have 25 invention patents and 33 utility model patents in the application process. View more about OUR PATENTS.


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