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Beyond Traditional,
Unleash Unlimited Possibilities !

Leveraging our industry expertise and network, we uphold tradition while innovating,
delivering tailored support to ensure client success and satisfaction.

Licensing Services

A Gateway To Cross-cultural Literary Works Exchange

Publishing x Across Industry Collaboration in ChinaSource: HEYTEA

HARRY POTTER× Holiland (好利来)Food and Beverage Source: Holiland


Licensing to China

Book Creation: IP from overseas publishers and entertainment clients such as gaming, toys, etc. license to Chinese publishers to create new works.

Across Multiple Industries: IP from overseas stakeholders licensing to domestic clients used for cartoon, game, exhibition, clothing etc. New attempts for collaboration between domestic and international.

Licensing from China

Omni Channel: License Chinese characteristic elements, IP to overseas markets, create books, cartoons, cultural creative products, etc.

Cultural & Creative Business Service

Transform visionary content into captivation cultural products.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7

RRD Cultural & Creative Business Services offer market insights, products creativity & development, production services to IP owners like museums, scenic area, illustrators and designers or companies, institutions and organizations who need customized gifts and creative market promotion products.

Notebooks & Journals

Stickers & Washi Tape

Holiday Gifts & Gift Customization




Online Marketing Visual Services

Get It Easily, Quickly And Affordably

To support our clients rapidly respond to market, RRD Asia provides services to assist our clients in e-commerce marketing: 3D Rendering Files, Product Photography, Animated GIFs, Product Videos and E-Commerce Webpage.

3D Rendering Files for pre-selling
eCommerce Photography
Animated GIFs demonstrate how features work,
and inspire users to try them out
Sound Videos are good for sound products
E-commerce Webpage Design

Book Trade Services

Expand Your Book’s Reach!

English Book Selling
  • Manage English book importing and selling in China.
  • Promote potential greater demands.
  • Online and offline Live streaming.
  • New book/product release.
  • Autograph sessions.
Cultural Exhibitions
  • Help overseas partners promote their brands, products and service within China.
English Book Selling
  • Manage English book importing and
     selling in China.
  • Promote potential greater
  • Online and offline Live streaming
  • New book/product release
  • Autograph sessions
Cultural Exhibitions
  • Help overseas partners promote
     their brands, products and service
     within China.


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