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Be a professional for DECADES.

  • 1983, South China Printing was founded in Hong Kong, and specialized in book printing
  • 1993, South China Printing moved its plant to KingYip (Dongguan) Printing and Packaging Company in Humen, Dongguan
  • 2005, RRD acquired South China Printing and KingYip Plant
  • 2013, RRD completed its transformation to Lean Production and Automation
  • 2014, RRD built its Book Technical Center in KingYip Plant
  • 2019, RRD relocated its Shenzhen plant to the new building next to KingYip Plant and upgraded them to Humen Book Manufacturing Center
  • 2020, RRD started its smart manufacturing project

Virtual Plant Tour: 24 hours / 7 days, 100% reality.

RRD VR Plant Tour enables you to walk through our Humen Flagship Plant, even thousands miles away.

You will be able to view our printing workshop, binding workshop, sample center, Book Technical Center as well as the outdoors and lobby of the plant.
We offer Auto Tour Mode and Free Tour Mode.

Please click button when you enter the interface to start the Auto Tour Mode and click any where to exist Auto Tour Mode.


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