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20211124. Mailchimp Survey
Thank you for being one of the registered users at our elibrary. It has been a while since it was launched and we’d like to know your UE (user experience) about it.

Please help to complete this short questionnaire, which takes you less than 10 minutes, but would help us to make your future experience better and easier!

1. How often do you come to our elibrary?
2. Is our elibrary user-friendly? Please rate “1” if it’s very hard to use while “5” very “easy”, and “3” means neutral.
3. Which part of our elibrary is your favorite?
4. How likely will you recommend our elibrary to a colleague or friend working in the industry? (please rate “1” for the least likelihood, ”5” the most; while “3” means neutral
Below questions are more focused on the content organized for each part of our elibrary. Should you have any comments, you can use the toggled option at the bottom of each questions. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you!
6. Among all product segments, which one do you pay the most attention on?
7. Is the rough introduction of binding and packaging styles useful?*
8. What aspect of the ”R&D” category are you most interested in?*
10. How frequently do you visit our “Sample Kits”“Component Center”?
11. Have you ever experienced our Virtual Plant Tour?
12. How do you like Virtual Plant Tour? Please rate “1” if it’s very hard to use while “5” very easy, and “3” means neutral.
Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire for elibrary. Your participation is important to us. Thank you once again for your kind cooperation!