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HP Indigo 15K
Digital Press

More Digital Investment to Support Short-run

Indigo 15K offers the core value of offset-matching print quality and high productivity.

So far only 2 Indigo 15K investment in China, the one RRD Asia invested has the best configuration.

Press Mode Indigo 15K Indigo 7000
Image resolution 1600dpi 812dpi
Image size 740X510mm
Sheet size 750X530mm
Printing Speed (4/0) 3450 B2/h 3600 A3/h
Max. of colors 7 6
Paper Weight 70-400gsm 80-350gsm
Printing 4600 sheets per hour surpassing offsets quality. With five input sources, switch substrates seamlessly, even within a single job.

HP Indigo electroInks let you print the widest color gamut in the industry. Including numerous specialty ink now elevated with premium white.

Setting a new benchmark in print quality, the HD imaging system effectively doubles resolution, for higher image smoothness and detailed reproduction. While the revolutionary HDFM screen eliminates rosette patterns and moire. Embed security features with crisp, detailed micro text…and ink, invisible to the naked eye.

Automation drives the 15K digital press. HP indigo print OSX is a cloud connected digital ecosystem that plus full production control in your hands. Auto alert agent, a machine learning software, detects, discards and reprints defects-automatically-for ultimate quality.


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