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Green Life and Culture

Protecting the planet is the common wish of each individuals at RRD. From the office where we work to the outdoor activities where we relax, we are practicing green living everyday. At RRD, “green” is not just a word, but a culture that everyone keeps in mind.
We Strive for A Green Workplace

We value the impact of the
environment on people, and a green working environment is essential.

LED Light

Replacing outdated lighting with LED at multiple locations in China has resulted in approximately 2 million kWh/year of electricity savings. We also use auto on/off lighting where possible.

Advocacy of saving resource and energy

Putting green signs in appropriate places in the office to remind employees to reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy, water and other natural resources.

We Pursue A Green Way of Working

Our E-print system, which follows the operation of tapping your ID card before printing, can greatly reduce repeated printing and save energy.

We Practice A Green Lifestyle

Our employees did their bit on RRD Asia Volunteer Day: Take Action for Environment Protection


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