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Content Service

We provide one-on-one content recommendations to domestic and overseas publishers, to encourage their cooperation in copyright import and export, digitization and customization, and (original edition) book selling.

Translation Rights Licensing

  • Bridge Licensing deals on royalty model Co-edition
  • RRD is the assigned printer
  • Keep book quality consistency
  • Protect high-res files security
  • Monitor printing quantity and royalties

Digital Rights Licensing


  • eBook, audio, video etc, licensing
  • Fast development of online product and educational applications
  • A great number of demand on foreign materials

English Reprint Permission


  • Whole content in English language
  • Use domestic publisher’s ISBN, publish and sell in China
  • Different with imported English books

Chinese Works Export

  • Help Chinese original books publish in overseas market
  • Deep mutual collaboration

Print on Demand & Book Selling

  • Direct sale of imported English books
  • Revenue driven and no inventory pressure
  • Avoid conflicting to Chinese translated version
  • Simple and easy operation process

Publication Import & Retail

  • IP and relevant merchandise
  • Customize merchandise edition
  • Deliver finished products to purchasers

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